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Day cab kit with black interior for factory day cabs or small hole sleepers


This day cab conversion kit is for Peterbilt factory day cabs, non-Unibilt Pete small hole cabs, Kenworth factory day cabs, or Kenworth small hole cabs.  For the conversion, a hole is cut or enlarged (in the case of a small hole) into the back panel of the cab.  The kit includes the vinyl "boot" seal which comes with Unibilt sleepers (not an exact factory replacement) and our "fat boy" 5 1/2 stretch back panel.  No bracing is required if the truck has the Peterbilt "halo" in the back panel of the truck.  If it does not have the halo, an install kit with tubes, brackets, and gussets are available to support the new structure (our extended back panel kit, see part #14515 for Peterbilts, part #12508 for Kenworth). If you have any questions about the kit or application, call BEFORE ordering with any questions!

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